Golden Retracement Power

The Price Action, High-Low and Fibonacci Retracement Trading Strategy

The Important Thing that Every Trader should Know

The Key to Success in Trading. The Hidden Secret to Make Entry Orders in the Right Direction, Price, and Time

It is The Golden area. A potential market price range to place BUY/SELL orders. In this area, It has a high probability the price will retrace to continue the trend. This is the Secret and required experience, knowledge, and effort to analyze manually. Because it takes some calculations to determine this area.

But Now, You can do it easily in a second using our MT4 Plugin.

The Golden Retracement Power

Built in by a combination of The Price Action, High-Low, and Fibonacci Retracements Strategy. Some indicators also work behind the Plugin. They are Stochastic, RSI, MFI, DeMarker, and WPR.
It draws Fibonacci Levels automatically. Displays the Golden Area, Support and Resistant lines, Signal Arrows, and Trend Strength Bars.

Fibonacci Retracement Strategy

Why are The Fibonacci Retracements?

Fibonacci retracements are the most common form of technical analysis based on the Fibonacci sequence. If the price stalls near one of the Fibonacci levels and then start to move back in the trending direction, an investor may trade in the trending direction. During a trend, Fibonacci retracements can be used to determine how deep a pullback may be. Humans tend to identify patterns and traders easily equate patterns in charts through the Fibonacci sequence. It's unproven that Fibonacci numbers relate to fundamental market forces, however, markets by design react to the beliefs of their players. Consequently, if investors buy or sell because of Fibonacci analysis, they tend to create a self-fulfilling prophecy that affects the market trends.

The Fibonacci numbers are the simplest sequence that obeys its particular pattern. There are many ways to define the sequence, all of them setting it apart as being the simplest of the kind. The most commonly used method for measuring and forecasting the length of the price movement is along the last wave, which ended in the opposite direction – the so-called. “Internal Fibo”. A price wave means a price movement from top to bottom or from bottom to top. For example, when a descending wave ends and a new upward movement begins, we take the length of that wave as a unit and project the Fibonacci levels. These levels, on the one hand, represent goals for the next upward movement, and at the same time play the role of natural resistances or supports.

Fibonacci Retracement Strategy

Fibonacci retracements can be used to place entry orders, determine stop-loss levels, or set price targets. Fibonacci retracements are one such tool of technical analysis which has stood its test of time. It is a popular tool based on key numbers and their sequence. Some traders believe that the Fibonacci numbers and ratios created by the sequence play an important role in finance. Many of them are successful trading using this technique.


The Golden Retracement Power algorithm will take your place in calculating the Fibonacci Retracements, finding the Golden Area, then drawing it on the chart and also sending you alerts. The following are some of the features that will give you the benefits to analyze the market before you make an order execution:

Fibonacci Retracement Lines

Fibonacci Retracement Lines

Drawing Fibonacci Retracement Lines automatically based on the current market condition. There are 2 option to adjust the Fibonacci Retracement Lines they are Fibo Period and Timeframe. This is Multi Timeframe Fibo Lines so you can see the lines from another timeframe.

Golden Area

Golden Area

Golden Area is the best area that has high probabilty the price will retrace in this place to continue the existing trend. Calculated by the Fibonacci Retracements based on defined period and timeframe and has different color for different trend direction.

Trend Strength Bars

Trend Strength Bars

There are several indicators and price action patterns work inside the bars that give an indication of how strong the current trend is. Higher bars value is stronger trend. So we can follow to ensure that we trade in the right trend direction.

Dynamic Support and Resistant Line

Dynamic Support and Resistant Line

The line is dinamically drawn on the chart depending on the current trend and price condition. It helps us to Buy at the lower price and Sell at the higher price around the line to avoid higher position drawdown.

Entry, Takeprofit and Stoploss Price

Entry Price, Takeprofit and Stoploss

Entry, Takeprofit, and Stoploss Price will appear on the panel at the bottom right if the conditions match, including the trade direction. This is the recommendation for traders before taking action in the market.

Recommended Spread

Recommended Spread

In real markets, trading on lower timeframes tends to take positions with shorter ranges. In this case the spread is very important to pay attention to or the position will be 'eaten' by the spread itself. We provide the current spread and recommended maximum spread of the current symbols.

Signal Arrows

Signal Arrows

There are 3 kinds of arrows on the chart. Arrows, circles, and stars. Arrows provide entry momentum, circles indicate the highest/lowest price in the faster period and stars is to ensure that price currently oversold /overbought.

Alert Messages

Alert Messages

Messages are sent to 3 different recipients at the same time if all conditions match and the options are enabled. PopUp, Email, and MT4 Mobile. Traders do not have to wait in front of the chart in real-time. Even Traders can take positions in the market while on the way.

Multi Timeframes
Alert Messages

The Golden Retracement Power has the capability to display the results on any Timeframe, the current Timeframe or other Timeframes. Traders can find out the Golden Area on a larger time frame from a smaller Timeframe chart or vice versa. In the image above, We can see that It is the Indicator Display of H4 Timeframe and current Timeframe is M30. This provides flexibility for traders to analyze the market.

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Is this system an “EA” or "Robot"?

No, this is a manual trading indicator in which you have the final say on all trades.

I am new to trading Arena. Can I use this system?

Absolutely! This system is very easy to set up and use, and it gives you clear visual signals on the chart and also alert you. It also comes with a comprehensive step-by-step User Guide that explains everything on how to trade with this system.

Can I install it on a MT4 web based/webtrader?

No,You can not. Recently, webtrader does not support the use of external / custom indicators or EA, so it can't work on webtrader.You need Metatrader 4 (MT4).

Can I install it on a Metatrader 5?

No,You can not.It was coded for Metatrader 4.

Does it work on Metatrader Mobile such as Android or IOS?

No,it is not.

Do I need to buy any other softwares to use it?

No,you do not. You only need to install it on the metatrader without additional softwares.

Is there a particular time of the day to trade with this system?

No specific time. This system can be used anytime, 24/7.

What Symbols and Timeframes should I trade with this system?

Any Symbols and Timeframes. It will automatically adjust market conditions on the current symbol and timeframe and display the signals on the chart.

Can I run it on a demo account first?

Absolutely. You can run on a demo account for as long as you like until you see that it is making you consistent profits, then you can switch to a real account.

How do I receive the system?

Instantly after payment, you will receive an email that contains the link where you should download the file.

How much money do I need to begin trading?

There is not a minimum value of balance to use it. Depending on your broker rules. You can start with as little as $10 with some brokers. However, most traders prefer the initial deposit to be at least $200.

How does the License work?

You can install on unlimited accounts.

Are there any monthly fees for the System?

No, there are absolutely no monthly fees. This is strictly a one-time purchase.

Does the price include future updates?

Yes, of course. We are constantly hard at work, developing improvements, and adding new features to the system. All future updates of the system are free of charge.